Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Gurmit Singh's aka Phua Chu Kang Testimony


You must be wondering why on earth would I want to start this blog. All these while when I am not working, all that is on my mind is 'business'. I have always wanted to own a business. But as days goes by, as I attend church these days (New Creation Church), it dawn on me that by my own effort, I can do nothing; and the solution is to 'Look to Jesus'. To look at his finished work on the cross, and health, happy marriage and wealth will come into place, and of course my business too! Therefore, I hope by starting this blog, you will be greatly blessed by testimonies of other people, including myself.

You know, please don't see christianity as a religion. Jesus do not want us to be religious and go through religious rituals or rites. You need not do anything to receive your blessings except to believe that all is complete by Jesus's work. It's so simple. If God made it so simple, why do you want to complicate things?

There is so much to say about the blessings we have, but since this is suppose to be about Gurmit Singh's testimony, I shall carry on in my next release :)

Go on to read the powerful testimony from Gurmit Singh, this cannot be missed!!!

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dyeo said...

hahaha...good one good one....an ambitious person can also write this huh...mb after PSS ur priorities in life changed again huh? keep it up...hehehe